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VIEN.PLAY: Media Transformation Made Easy!

Create Powerful Content with VIEN.PLAY

In a world where every second counts, processing video and audio content becomes a challenge. VIEN.PLAY is your reliable partner in transforming audio and video into text, providing fast and accurate processing.

VIEN.PLAY functionality

VIEN.PLAY functionality

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Advantages of VIEN.PLAY

Process automation

Upload content to your personal account, and VIEN.PLAY will automatically recognize speech, create accurate subtitles and divide the video into key points.

Convenience and efficiency

A dedicated workspace where you can save and process content at any convenient time.

Full control

Your staff can easily edit subtitles to ensure accuracy and consistency with your vision of the content.

Adapted to your business

Flexible licensing scheme, support for 30+ languages, easy integration into corporate portals


VIEN.PLAY is Russian software that uses modern models of natural language processing and machine learning.

VIEN.PLAY functionality

 Transcript and text editor

Edit a transcript that's synchronized with your media file.

Export results

Export the result to Word, TXT, PDF and other formats.

Diarization of content

Automatic division of dialogues by participants

Linking text to audio and video

Just click on a word to play the sound from the right moment

Who is VIEN.PLAY for?

Media and News Agencies

The ability to install the service locally, integrate into the corporate infrastructure, and save data within the company.

Bloggers and freelance journalists

Make your content more accessible and interesting by converting audio and video to text.


Collect and organize your video content. Publish meeting transcripts and quickly prepare meeting minutes for approval

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